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2019 Tax Filing Season Begins Jan. 29th, Tax Returns Due April 15

R-2019-01, January 7, 2019

WASHINGTON ― Despite the government shutdown, the Internal Revenue Service today confirmed that it will process tax returns beginning January 28, 2019 and provide refunds to taxpayers as scheduled. 
Congress directed the payment of all tax refunds through a permanent, indefinite appropriation (31 U.S.C. 1324), and the IRS has consistently been of the view that it has authority to pay refunds despite a lapse in annual appropriations. 
The IRS will be recalling a significant portion of its workforce, currently furloughed as part of the government shutdown, to work. 

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As the IRS increases compliance activity in an effort to close the tax gap, many taxpayers are receiving IRS notices and some are also experiencing IRS audits.  The tax gap, which is the amount of taxes that should have been reported and paid on time but were not, has three components - underreporting, underpayment, and nonfiling. We offer professional representation for clients with the IRS.  IRS Audit Representation


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